Monday Comic Corner – Zeldanime

You all remember the 80s Legend of Zelda cartoon, right? “Well excuuuse me, princess!” Well it turns out that a group of people have set forth to make a sort of remake of the series, only in comic/manga form. Though apparently this project started all the way back in 2009, and Zelda Dungeon is a partner website, I’ve only recently discovered the series, and I’m extremely impressed.

So far they’ve written a little more than 100 pages, and I’ve enjoyed browsing through and reading through the detailed yet clean looking art style.

Hit the jump to see the comic!

Obviously I can only show you a small preview of the huge series, but hopefully you can get an idea of what Zeldanime brings. The drawings are superb, and the text is a standard comic text which is both legible and continues the cartoon theme. If you’ve never read the series, head on over to the cover page and jump in!

In these comic features, we’ve seen some short and long comics, even some with a little animation. But all of those give a quick laugh or a small message. This, on the other hand, is a story, and at it’s current length can even be considered a graphic novel. Definitely brings a change to the comics we usually feature here.

It’s pretty amazing the plethora of messages and stories that can be told with comics. The detail, or even minimalism can speak for itself often, and the conciseness challenges the writer in ways that perhaps other arts do not always do.

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Source: Zeldanime