Monday Comic Corner – Physics

One of my favorite common themes of video game comics is the exploration of “what if it were just a little bit more real?” We all seem to be okay with the existence of made up characters, languages, and lands, and even other, stranger things like how Link can survive blazing heat by wearing a tunic, but the littlest aspects of gameplay just stick out as “wrong” sometimes. This Corpse Run Comics features a perfect example of what happens when you add more proper physics to a classic Ocarina of Time puzzle. Hit the jump to see the comic!

Though this never really bothered me while playing Ocarina of Time, I can guarantee you that in my future runs, I’ll keep this thing in mind. How exactly does the block stay upright the entire time Link is pushing it over the hole? Forget about the Goron’s Tunic miracle, this physic conundrum baffles me.

Speaking of which, how can Link even push that ginormous block? It looks like stone, has a huge surface area, and Link isn’t even that strong of a kid! Courage only get’s you so far! But I suppose, like all gamers, push aside these little “inconsistent with real life” moments, and enjoy the game for what it is.

And of course, to see some more comics by the same author, check out the comic’s page on Corpse Run Comics.

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Source: Corpse Run Comics

  • Legend of Zelda Fan

    He can do that with Iron Boots too. He can’t run with them on, but he can backflip. Video game logic…

  • Legend of Zelda Fan


  • Legend of Zelda Fan

    Actually, it does make a bit of sense. They like helping people, so maybe there are some minish on the other side pulling it? And if you’re wondering why I randomly commented about minish, I was just making a reference to a meme.

  • Legend of Zelda Fan

    Maybe there are invisible niches in it that for some reason can’t be seen with the lens of truth?