Man buys 45 copies of Hyrule Historia Limited Edition, sells on Craigslist

If you think back to about last week, you’ll remember I posted an article outlining just some of the ridiculously inflated prices people are selling the Collector’s Edition of Hyrule Historia on eBay. As I mentioned in the article, some prices were so inflated that one Buy It Now price was set at around $391, which is just nine dollars short of being ten times more expensive than the original retail price (assuming that the book originally was going for $40, which it was in some locations). At that time I naively thought that the greed of the so-called “scalpers” could go no lower in terms of greed and profit, but as the following Craigslist listing shows, there are apparently no boundaries as to how far some people will go to fuel their own personal monetary desires. Hit the jump to take a look.

What you see above is a Craigslist posting for a truly vast collection of Collector’s Edition Hyrule Historias. No less than 45 copies of the ultra-rare book are displayed, and the poster is selling off every single one. I touched upon the issue of scalpers last week briefly, discussing the fact that exploiting fellow fans to make a profit is unfair and selfish on many counts, but this has to take the biscuit when it comes to exploitation and greed. Simply the fact that this person bought this number of books just to simply sell them off at a profit is not a pleasant one, especially when you consider the amount of fans who had their orders cancelled because of people like these who somehow managed to hog all of these copies. Fans which, presumably, originally purchased the book because they wanted to enjoy and treasure the Collector’s Edition Hyrule Historia for its rarity and its special cover art, not because they wanted to sell it off for a later date to take advantage of fans who would pay large amounts to own something rare.

Take my advice; If you have not yet purchased Hyrule Historia, purchase the Standard Edition from a respectable retailer. Buying copies of the Collector’s Edition from sellers such as the one above does nothing but encourage them as fans are taking the bait and paying truly ridiculous, over-inflated sums of money to own the Collector’s Edition. If you feel that you cannot do without the Collector’s Edition and feel compelled to purchase it from sites like Craigslist or eBay, tread with caution and question the price sellers are setting. Is it really worth parting money to get something which you could get for much, much cheaper from a respectable source but with just a few differences? (Note again that both editions of the book are exactly identical apart from the cover and the gold gilded pages on the Collector’s Edition).

But what do you think? Should something be done to stop these sorts of incidents in the future, or are scalpers just another unfortunate inevitability in the world of gaming merchandise? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: GoNintendo