Majora’s Memes – The Legend of Profitability

Welcome to Majora’s Memes, where we bring you memetic madness weekly!

Like scouring Hyrule Field for bushes that hopefully contain Rupees or bombs or arrows, we search the Internet for Zelda-related laughs. This week we saw better response to the request for help finding those laughs. Special thanks to Bear, Maeta Harunai, and Hero of Time for contributing. Unfortunately, we did not use Bear’s. We try to maintain at least a level of family-friendliness here. Granted, this is the Internet, so that may be an object lesson in futility, but better to try and fail. And finally, props to Tito Burgess for painstakingly posting a list of everything Mario has ever said in response to the speech therapy meme. Okay, we get it, he talks. But he’s not exactly reciting Shakespeare or delivering the Gettysburg Address, is he? But seriously, we appreciate the contribution to the argument, and the amount of time it must have taken to compile that list. And with that, we have a list of our own. A list of this week’s memes! We hope you like them!

Our first post this week, as well as the post’s namesake, comes from AdrianaEternity. It’s always fun to use Zelda to poke fun at other video game developers isn’t it?

Wolfcry1996 posted this little comic to Memebase, which is a twist on a joke that many of us are surely familiar with by now.

This post called “Oh Zelda” by marcoa84 from MemeCenter makes a similar joke.

The Internet was made for cats. It’s a fact. Google it. And this pic from Hero of Time brings the Internet’s true purpose and Zelda together.

And finally, thanks to Maeta Harunai for contributing not one, but two memes! This first one I believe is a Calvin and Hobbes joke, but I could be completely wrong. If you know, comment!

And finally, we have a good old visual pun at Link’s expense.

That wraps up this week’s Majora’s Memes! As usual, if you have a meme you’d like us to feature, leave it in the comments!