IGN explains how The Wind Waker can be improved on Wii U

Nintendo is planning to release its next Zelda game as an HD remake of the GameCube masterpiece, The Wind Waker, during Fall this year and already Zelda fans are wondering what the gaming giant will do to create a more unique experience this time around. Gaming site IGN has written an article detailing how they think The Wind Waker HD would be a great improvement over the original in terms of more than just the graphical side of specifications by explaining needed polishing in other key areas of this much-loved Zelda title.

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IGN starts the article with the ever-popular complaint of the tiresome need to keep swinging that magical baton to choose where the wind should blow before embarking on the King of Red Lions towards your destination. IGN says that if this continuous need to play the same baton-swinging sequence was eliminated, gamers would find the sailing aspect of The Wind Waker to be more enjoyable, especially considering the amount of ocean-sailing needed during the game.

IGN also thinks the Triforce quest needing to be completed right before the game’s end should be either revamped or eliminated. Because Link can’t collect the eight Triforce segments until after picking up the eight sea charts which show him the locations of these pieces, this quest can seem tiring. IGN says the Triforce could easily and more logically split into three pieces rather than the designated eight otherwise the sacred power should be found by the need of completing a certain dungeon.

IGN also wants discarded dungeons to be implemented into The Wind Waker HD such as the two which Mr. Eiji Aonuma has constantly said were left out because of lack of time. Remember meeting the great fish Jabun to collect Nayru’s Pearl? IGN says Link should have needed to enter into the fish and complete the dungeon to collect Nayru’s Pearl (much like the Jabu-Jabu dungeon in Ocarina of Time) rather than just having a blatant conversation with him.

Finally, IGN wants Wii U to support off-TV play with The Wind Waker HD to make this the first official portable GameCube game. IGN thinks the inventory system should be placed on the Wii U GamePad so accessibility will be much easier than having to pause the game at every instance. They also think the Picto Box should be Wii U GamePad-implemented by using the controller’s gyroscope allowing for plenty of picture-taking fun.

There’s quite a bit more to read including thoughts regarding the use of the Tingle Tuner so if you’d like to read the full article click here!

What do you think of the suggestions IGN has given for The Wind Waker HD? How would you like The Wind Waker HD to be improved over its original counterpart? Would you like to see the introduction of dungeons left out of the original? Please let us know your thoughts and opinions below!

Source: IGN