Hyrule Historia medallion mixup

Hyrule Historia, the in-depth encyclopedia to the Zelda universe, has just recently found its way to western shores. Unfortunately there seems to be a somewhat significant mix-up. As any Zelda fan knows in Ocarina of Time there are six medallions representing the six sages (not including princess Zelda), but with the release of the western version of Hyrule Historia there has been a small graphical error as to which medallions go to which sage. An imgur user has noticed this and uploaded a picture pointing out the mistake.

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This is obviously a minor error as the medallions aren’t scattered across the wrong sages, it’s basically just a swap of the spirit and fire medallions between Darunia and Nabooru, nonetheless it is still a noticeable mistake. While we’ve heard that this mix-up is possibly present in the Japanese version of Hyrule Historia as well, it’s unknown to me whether or not this is entirely true. I would find it hard to believe that a small but still significant error like this would be overlooked twice, or even once for that matter. I still think overall the product itself is great and good value that’s for the most part well constructed in terms of the physical layout and content inside.

But what do you think? Have you bought Hyrule Historia? Is this simply a minor gripe in the big scheme of things, or should they have taken more time to ensure the accuracy of their product? Sound off below!

Source: imgur