Hyrule Historia an International Success!

All things seem to be paying off for Dark Horse books after they released a fully translated English version of Hyrule Historia. As we already know ever since its release outside of Japan the book has become extremely popular on Amazon, eBay, and other such sites. Due to the overwhelming popularity of Hyrule Historia, Dark Horse has been quoted as saying that they feel the book’s popularity has only just begun and that they are willing to print as many copies as need needed to keep up with the high demand. However here is some more good news!

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As noted before Hyrule Historia has already become popular outside of Japan but now with 400,000 copies sold Dark Horse has announced that the book has reached number one on Wall Street Journal and New York Times Bestseller list and the book hasn’t been out for all that long! Hopefully Hyrule Historia will have a lot more success and perhaps the book will bring some more people into the Zelda fandom!

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Source: destructoid