Did You Know Gaming Releases Third Zelda Video

Hot on the heels of their last Zelda video just a few weeks ago, gaming trivia site Did You Know Gaming has followed up and released a third video collection of interesting Zelda tidbits and random knowledge. Narrated by YouTube user PeanutButterGamer this video compiles numerous pieces of info about Zelda that have yet to be featured in their videos yet. While much of the trivia is pretty well known and/or has already been featured on their site, there are some new bits that even I had never heard of! Go ahead and make the jump to see the video.

Personally, I had never seen the Beta enemies shown in the video, and never knew about the secret involving the statue in the Spirit Temple. To be honest, he lost me a bit when he got started on The Light Temple, but otherwise that was a very interesting video. What parts did you enjoy, and how much of this did you already know? What new things did you learn from Did You Know Gaming’s video? Be sure to give your thoughts and reactions in the comments below!

Source: Did You Know Gaming