Custom-made Majora’s Mask 3DS

A Zelda fan on Imgur flaunts their new custom Majora’s Mask 3DS for all to see. The transparent design of the Majora’s Mask silhouette lays perfectly over the midnight purple 3DS, the beauty, the mystery, those eyes burning deep into my soul. It turns out this was actually fairly easily made: the design is simply a sticker that you can purchase on Etsy for five dollars.

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If you ever have the urge to purchase game themed things then check out the Etsy store GameThemedThings which sells things that are game themed. Not only can you imbed this decal sticker on your 3DS, for eight dollars GameThemedThings makes a larger Majora decal for your laptop or car window. Featuring many designs from a wide range of games they even gift you the option of requesting custom made decals, just ask.

Now you too can hold your custom Majora’s Mask 3DS high above your head for all to see! Pretty cool, huh? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Imgur , Etsy