Company mascot a ripoff of 8-bit Link

Saber Blast, an alliance marketing tool, has just recently been founded and launched. The goal of the newly created company is to help form alliances between other businesses that create and sell products within the same industry by having them promote each other to help extend their reach, receive feedback from customers, and get real-time statistics of how many and what type of people view items received from these companies such as newsletters and so on. They have, however, chosen an odd mascot to represent the company and its message. In a somewhat perplexing circumstance the company’s mascot bears a strong resemblance to the old 8-bit Link from the original Legend of Zelda. It practically looks like a carbon-copy.

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The sprite almost completely resembles Link. If you didn’t tell somebody it wasn’t entirely intended to be, they would most likely think it was pulled straight out of the original game. Everything is intact, from the sword to the belt, and even in some pictures the color of the tunic.

While I do understand Sabre Blast’s intention was probably to have something identifiable to the masses to get their message across, I think this act of image theft simply gives them a bad image. While attempting to grab the attention by using a mascot similar to such an iconic image, instead they have possibly hurt themselves. Trying to ride on the popularity of an iconic video game character is probably not the best way to get across one’s message.

What are your thoughts though? Not too bad an idea that could possibly garner them some attention? Or should they have left Link alone? Leave your opinion below in the comments!

Source: Saber Blast