Celebrities Show Zelda Fandom on Instagram

Instagram has become a staple application for almost every smartphone user. This application serves as a photo journal, allowing members to post photos of everything related to their daily lives. It’s grown in popularity that even celebrities are becoming apart of the photo-enthused community. Now, how does this relate to Zelda fandom you may ask? Well, follow the jump to find out more about this.

Like every social media outlet, Instagram has also gained a Legend of Zelda following, and if you search different tag phrases including “Zelda”, you will find photo after photo exhibiting one Zelda reference after another. Throughout these photos, you can find different celebrities including Canadian singer, Lights as well as popular DJ Dead Mau5 showing their love for the Zelda series.

Dead Mau5 shows his girlfriend, tattoo artist Kat Von D, holding a Triforce light.

Lights reveals her custom-made Triforce headphones from V-MODA.

These are only two recent examples of some celebrities showing Zelda fandom. Personally, I have an Instagram and love it when celebrities post photos related to the Zelda series. It shows that they also enjoy some of the things that their fans do, reinforcing the connection they share with them.

How do you feel about Instagram? Do you have one? If so, are you apart of the Zelda community on this application? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Instagram