Zelda Piano Medley – WindMageMaster

Just before Christmas, YouTuber WindMageMaster uploaded an epic piano medley that covers a melody from every game in the history of Zelda. At just under fifteen minutes, it’s pretty evident a lot of work went into choosing, arranging, and playing this sound-story of Link’s journeys over the past 25 years. This medley is definitely worth a listen.

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Make sure you have annotations turned on because they unobtrusively give details about each theme, such as the game title, game platform, piece title and year. Though you should recognize almost all of the music, it’s still nice to know just in case.

Though each game’s piano cover could stand alone as its own, short piece, the entire thing is connected wonderfully into a single medley. The transitions are smoothed over, and the entire piece is without creases.

I’m having a terrible time figuring out which part is my favorite, but I think it will have to be the Ballad of the Wind Fish from Link’s Awakening because this is the most beautiful rendition of the tune I’ve ever heard. Its a shame Nintendo doesn’t seem to pay much attention to this ballad in official reworkings of classic pieces.

WindMageMaster also has a large selection of Zelda tune remixes on his or her channel. I’m particularly hoping another piano cover or medley of some sort will come from this channel, though!

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Source: YouTube