Zelda Fanart Spotlight – History of Hyrule Calendar

Welcome to another Fanart Spotlight! With the new year just a few days old, I’m sure I’m not the only procrastinator who hasn’t bought a calendar yet. Well, our friends over at History of Hyrule have a very unique and affordable alternative. Axle reported in November about their second annual Fanart calendar Contest, featuring lots of great prizes and the chance to be one of twelve winners. The contest winners were announced last month, and the calendar with the official winners is available for download.


These are amazing pictures. Some of them have already been featured on the Spotlight within the past several months. However, one of the coolest aspects of this project is that while only 12 pictures were chosen, a blank template is also available so that you can make a customized calendar with your personal favorite entries! With other 250 beautiful entries to choose from, that’s quite a challenge.

So even if you already have a new calendar for the New Year, it’s still worth checking out. This is a real testament to the talent of the Zelda community. All you need is a printer and a bit of paper and you’ll have a unique calendar and the knowledge that the blood, sweat, and tears of a fellow Zelda fan was poured into creating each month’s image.

Click here to go to History of Hyrule’s Blog to download the calendar with the winning images, as well as the blank template.

Click here to go to the History of Hyrule’s Flickr page to see all the entries!