Zelda Fanart Spotlight- Masks

Today’s Fanart Spotlight features an exceptionally talented artist who brings items from the Zelda world to life. Ashley Montgomery’s Midna Helm was posted in our Halloween Special, and has done other projects such as a complete cosplay of her original fem-Link design, a Deku Shield, and the Goddess Harp from Skyward Sword.

Her ongoing project is the ambitious task of creating all the Masks featured in Majora’s Mask. She has already has gotten off to a good start completing nine: Deku, Goron, Zora, Truth, Keaton, Bomb, Stone, Gibdo, and the Spooky mask… and have already redone the three transformation masks!

The detail on these are surprisingly convincing and she manages to not stray too far away from the source material. The contrast between the masks is also done very well. The Mask of Truth for example looks smoothed and painted using bright colors, while the more organic masks look like they were made out of natural materials and have a much duller color palette.

You can see the rest of her Zelda creations in her sub gallery by clicking here, and I also highly recommend checking out the rest of her gallery as well as she makes some pretty impressive props from other fandoms like Avatar and various Anime series.