Zelda Fanart Spotlight- Crossovers

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Zelda Fanart Spotlight. Last Wednesday we took a look at various Zelda goodies such a fan made plushies and some delicious cookies. This week I once again opted to feature multiple artists, with the theme of “crossovers”. Many games (including ones not published by Nintendo) reference the Legend of Zelda series, but only a handful such as The Smash Brothers Series and Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, have featured Link himself. That’s where the Zelda fanart community comes in and shows us exactly what we are missing out on!

Link and Makar – Animal Crossing Style by Pillar-of-Zereshk

This simple, yet adorable digital drawing re-imagines Link in the Animal Crossing universe. Okay, so this one is actually possible to pull off in game, but the idea of Makar themed Gyroid is just too good to pass up.

The Battlefield by thefreshdoodle
Like the Animal Crossing picture, this one is actually reality thanks to our favorite Nintendo beat-em-up, Super Smash Bros. However, thedynamic and raw rendering of this drawing makes this pictures leagues above the actual game in the style department.

The Legend of Zelda and the Mysterious Pikmin by Suikasen

This picture feels so much like it could one day be canon. The style the artists drew this picture in would be right at home with the rest of the Toon Link games and would be the perfect step in evolving the Cel shade look for future games. With the very similar species of Korok, Kikwi, and Minish, Pikmin seem like they would be right at home in either the Forest Haven or Faron Woods. They would also be a lot safer, as Link would probably be the one fighting off enemies for them instead of the other way around.

Make sure to support these artists by checking these images as well as their entire gallery on their DeviantART account and leave us your thoughts below! What do you think about these crossovers? Is there any other series you’d like to see a Zelda crossover of?