Zelda Fanart Spotlight- Crafts Special

Welcome to another Fanart Spotlight. While searching for something to feature this week, I couldn’t help but notice a huge trend in functional Zelda Fan work. Everything from a completely handmade Majoras Mask Backpack, to Zelda themed cookies almost too beautiful to take a bite out of, I couldn’t just narrow it down to one artist.

So today will be another special edition of the Fanart Spotlight featuring artisan crafts. With so much neat stuff packed into one post, you won’t want to miss out on this one!

Link from Zelda by Tuloa

First off we have an adorable crochet Link plushie. Standing at a mere five inches, the amount of detail packed in this little guy is astonishing. Even his shield has tiny details to it.

Sheik Plushie by SoandSewPlushies

Next us is this Sheik plushie. Anyone who has ever tried to paint on fabric will know that it can be quite a challenge, however the painted on features such as the eyes and the emblem on her chest are wonderfully handled. The details on this plush make it seem like something that you could find in a store as official Nintendo merchandise.

Legend of Zelda Cookies by Kitsoow
I’ve seen a lot of video game themed pastries before, but these by far are the most well-done and detailed. Featuring characters from many different games including Twilight Princess, Majora’s Mask, Oracle of Seasons, and Ocarina of Time, I would have a hard time choosing which character to bite into.

Majora’s Mask backpack by Tavington
A fully detailed Majora’s Mask backpack, that was completely hand-made. There is not even a word in the english language that expresses how cool of an idea this is. By the way, she also made a Hylian Shield backpack as well.

Please note that these are either one of a kind for the artists own use or were paid commissioned. If you are interested in commissioning one of these artists, please visit their individual DeviantART page for more information.

Is there any of these that you would love to have in your collection? Tell us in the comments below!