The Wind Waker HD Releases this Autumn for Wii U

While Nintendo has announced that they are working hard on Zelda Wii U, they also mentioned that in order to tide us over, they will be releasing a special HD version of The Wind Waker with all new detailed graphics!

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Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma explained that in the process of trying to decide which graphic style to aim for with Zelda Wii U, they played around with creating HD versions of pre-existing styles. The Twilight Princess-based one is the one we remember from last year’s E3 as an “experience” being shown. He went on to explain that they also developed an HD version of the Wind Waker graphical style and loved it so much they felt they just had to make it into an actual revamped version of the game.

Many of us have seen the Dolphin emulator upscale The Wind Waker to HD and have secretly wished we could play that version (maybe even some of us have!) but what Nintendo has in store for us isn’t a mere resolution fix, but an actual overhaul of the graphics adding newly detailed textures!

Not only newly upgraded graphics, but Mr. Iwata explained that they will be “fine tuning” the gameplay experience. We suspect that simply means that the GamePad will be used in some sort of creative way, possibly for sailing from island to island by drawing a path on the touchscreen as in Phantom Hourglass? He also says that it will be possible to play off-TV using only the GamePad, and that Miiverse will be utilized in some sort of way.

The game releases this Autumn. Nintendo hasn’t announced a specific date, but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as they do!

Which part of the beloved game are you most looking forward to seeing in glorious HD?

Source: Nintendo Direct