The Minish Cap Guide Update: Chapter 5 Complete

One of the projects I started back in 2012 was upgrading The Minish Cap Walkthrough in anticipation for its inevitable release on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Well, over a year has passed since the game was released as part of the Ambassador Program on the Nintendo 3DS, but yet, the game still isn’t readily available to public for purchase. I’m sure that announcement cannot be that far off. Seriously, this is a certain money maker for Nintendo, I wonder why it hasn’t been done yet?

Nevertheless, I completed the first four chapters in early 2012, but then went on an extended hiatus, working on other projects across the network. I’ve finally started back up again this year and today I have released Chapter 5, which covers the Palace of Winds. The guide is a 100% guide and is filled with detailed text and screenshots. Eventually I’ll fancy up the walkthrough a little bit, with nice maps and interesting facts on the sidebar, but for now, the guide works very well for what it is. I’ve only got one more chapter left to go, so I’m hoping to get that out rather soon! Let me know what y’all think of it.