The Legend of Poses

Like the Triforce itself, the spirits of Link and Zelda transcend time, reincarnating throughout the course of history to combat the evil that would beset Hyrule. And so do their poses. This image posted to Memebase says it all. Hit the jump to see!

Honestly, I can’t believe I never noticed this before! As you can see, the picture captures moments from Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, and Skyward Sword. Different Links and Zeldas, in pretty much the exact same pose. It’s worth noting that the scenarios are similar too, with Zelda apologizing to Link for her actions in the respective game. Ocarina of Time Zelda is apologizing for depriving Link of his childhood by dragging him into her plan to stop Ganondorf, Wind Waker Zelda is apologizing for the fact that Ganon’s been chasing her and Aryll’s been mistaken for her, and Skyward Sword Zelda is apologizing for manipulating Link’s feelings for her to make him a Hero. I guess Zelda is a pretty apologetic person. Or she has a lot to apologize for. Take your pick.

An anonymous Memebase user posted the image from the Tumblr The Fairy Bottle. The image itself is a few months old, but it seems to have gotten more attention thanks to the Video Games page on Memebase.

Did this escape your notice as well? Think you can find other instances of this pose? Like, comment, subscribe! Wait…

Source: Memebase , The Fairy Bottle