Gold Nunchuk Has Sold Out

We all knew it would happen; it was only a matter of time. The Club Nintendo exclusive gold nunchuk has once again sold out. Whether the quick sell out was due to extremely low stock, large demand, or both is not known.

None of you were probably surprised. The last time the nunchuk sold very quickly, and the description for this round included the note that quantities were limited. Some might just be amazed that the accessory sold for as long as it did.

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It’s been less than a week since our post announcing the return of the nunchuk, and now it’s already unavailable. Hopefully, for those who’re unable to grab it both times, Nintendo will realize the popularity and restock for at least another time. Or they could start selling the gold nunchuk at stores for regular currency.

What I don’t understand is why there are limited quantities. Nintendo doesn’t directly make money from the stuff people get at Club Nintendo. My only thoughts are that the Big N is trying to drive sales of games by offering rewards such as this rare, golden accessory. We all know that the 3DS system is only being supported by the sales of games. But who knows; marketing is a complicated business.

What are your thoughts? Did you get a gold nunchuk this time around or did you have one from before? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Club Nintendo