The Game Station – Ocarina of Time Trivia

The new year has arrived, and what better to celebrate than with some old fashioned trivia of a classic Zelda game. The Game Station brings to us an interactive YouTube trivia game of the beloved Ocarina of Time with three levels of difficulty.

Though you may think you’re a seasoned adventurer, some of the questions may stump you. Overall a great, short trivia. Hit the jump to start!

You’ll probably start with easy or medium, and even if you’ve only played through Ocarina of Time once, you can make your way through without much work. If you’ve completed a 100 per cent run, these two difficulties will be a breeze.

The hard game, however, raises the bar a notch. This time, many questions don’t deal with the game experience directly, but ask questions that are bigger than the game itself. Do you know which version Ganondorf’s blood was switched from red to green? Did you even know that was switched?

If you complete this challenge, let us know in the comments! Hopefully many of you will be able to get through with few stumbles!

Source: YouTube