SuperShigi’s Beautiful Vocal/Piano Cover of “Ballad of the Goddess”

We know that many of you have already heard this gorgeous piece of music by now, but we’ve been swamped with many other news posts (including the wonderful news of the two Zelda releases for Wii U!). But just in case you somehow have not already heard this lovely piece of music, we just had to share it with you.

The composer for the music in Plants vs. Zombies, Laura Shigihara, explains that originally she was just planning on doing a straight piano cover of the lovely song from Skyward Sword. But as someone who composes and arranges music himself, I understand all too well how one’s original plans with regard to recording a piece of music have a way of giving way to new ideas. Before she knew it she had not only added some lovely harmonies to the preexisting melody, but had added whole new melodies as well. You’ll have to hear it for yourself after the jump!

I personally loved it and hope she does more Zelda covers in a similar style, adding ethereal vocal harmonies and new melodies, exploring myriad nuances of the songs. Her arrangement of layered vocal harmonies almost sounded like what it might have sounded like had Enya originally composed the song.

What did you think of her unique take on the song? Let us know in the comments!

Source: YouTube