Soap Link’s Awakening Game Boy Cartridge

Now available on Etsy from Digitalsoaps is a Link’s Awakening Game Boy cartridge made of soap! It is made of a gray colored soap and it has all the little indentations just right so it actually looks like a real game cartridge. The soap is scented with Digitalsoaps’ “Vanilla Select” oil. You can smell good and feel nerdy as you do it.

The sizing of the soap is quite accurate and it weighs 7/8ths of an ounce. At six dollars for each one, it’s not expensive at all. In order to show the actual size of the soap, there is a picture of the soap cartridge inside an actual Game Boy game case, along with a couple other pictures, after the jump!

It would be kind of interesting to be washing up with a Game Boy game. Some people speak, dream, think and essentially live video games so why not use one to get cleaned up? It would give the added sense of smell. It is not very often that you can say your video games smell good unless the smell of plastic is appealing. How much of your life involves video games? Would you go as far as buying soap to complete the cycle? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Etsy