Phantom Ganon’s Painting Recreated by Fan

The Legend of Zelda series has seen some amazing boss fights over the years, but if there’s one that sticks out for me, it’s the fight against Phantom Ganon at the end of the Forest Temple in Ocarina of Time. If you want to come out of that one alive, you require both skill with the controller and the ability to discern the boss’ patterns; and let’s not forget that it’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing in the series. Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so–crafty Zelda fan Esquizoid3 has paid tribute to the clash between Link and Ganon’s terrifying phantom in his own way. How, you ask? Hit the jump to find out!

We all remember the paintings that Phantom Ganon rode through–the identical scenes of an ominous forest path leading to a creepy castle, bordered by dead, creepy trees. Esquizoid3 has taken it upon himself to recreate this painting to be mounted on his wall.

Using a screenshot of a painting as featured in the original Ocarina of Time, the much-more-talented-than-me Zelda fan initially outlined the key features of the artwork–the castle, the pathways, the trees, and the moon. He then watercoloured (I think, don’t kill me if I’m wrong) the night sky with a dark blue, before adding the silhouette of the evil castle and, finally, the pathway and the trees. Sticking to the source material, he even managed to find a frame that looks eerily similar to the one featured in the game.

The end result is an amazingly accurate recreation of the unforgettable painting from one of the best boss fights in the Zelda series. As much as I’d love to have one myself, I’m not sure that I’d be totally comfortable with it anywhere near me–I’m sure that I’d be constantly checking to make sure that there wasn’t a black-clad horseman riding down the path!

Below is the painting as featured in the game and the replica created by Esquizoid3 for comparison’s sake. He’s also recorded the step-by-step process on his Imgur page. What do you think? Would you run screaming like me, or would you love to have such an amazing recreation in your gaming den? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Imgur