Monday Comic Corner – Timeline Version 2.0

This week on Monday Comic Corner, I’ve brought along another Magical Game Time comic, but this one is a little different than the other Zac Gorman comics I’ve featured. Though this comic was written a year ago, the theme is relevant today as many of us should be receiving our English copies of Hyrule Historia (if you haven’t already!) What is Timeline Version 2.0? Hit the jump to find out!

When the non-canonical parts of the Zelda franchise makeup over half of time timeline, you know that something’s up. We see at the beginning of timeline, Hyrule’s creation story is concocted with the CD-I games and the cartoon series. The first split in the timeline is does not actually occur in Ocarina of Time’s story like we all thought, but rather is dependent on Zelda’s forgiveness of black-haired Link.

The second split is actually a three-way split much like in the old 1.o timeline that ships with Hyrule Historia, but instead is more of a categorization of the games based on favorability. Very official.

Hopefully you all got a chuckle out of this like I did. If you really like Zac’s comic, such as the Zelda ones I’ve featured in previous weeks, the author is selling “Magical Game Time Volume 1”, which is all of the Magical Game Time comics up to this point. As Zac explains in the post, a recent hard drive catastrophe has set him back a few hundred dollars.

The PDF download contains higher resolution comics than are featured on his website, and the best part is the price is only $1, though you can choose to pay more if you’d like. If you’re interested, check out his post here.

What did you think? Much improved from the original timeline? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Magical Game Time