Monday Comic Corner – Link and the Windfish

For this week’s Monday Comic Corner, we present another Zac Gorman comic from Magical Game Time. It’s been only two weeks since we’ve featured his work last, and I’m sure you’ll remember the post we did on it: Inspired by Superbrothers. Though for this comic, Zac doesn’t include any describing text or any explanation for the comic, I believe he was going for a similar motive- simplicity. Again, this comic has no talking, and first impressions lead a reader to believe comic is simple. But that is, of course, not the case.

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Similar to the other comic, heavily falling rain is an important theme. Unlike the last comic, however, Link doesn’t exactly find a safe shelter at the end of the story. Instead, the brave adventurer has found himself sinking after his boat capsized and into the view of the Windfish.

Another important note is the emphasis on the title for this comic- Link and the Windfish. Also simple, but unlike the other comic, you’re forced to find more meaning in the title because of the absence of accompanying text in the Magical Game Time post. Rather than being a bland, purely descriptive title such as “Inspired by Superbrothers”. In fact, that comic doesn’t have a title at all, just that it was inspired by more than one video game.

This time, however, you know that the comic is focused on Link and the Windfish and the comic shows their interaction. Put this together with Zac Gorman’s art style, and you have a simple looking comic which can inspire infinite ideas on a finite piece of paper (or collection of pixels in this example). Powerful stuff.

Again, I encourage you to read the Magical Game Time – Inspired by Superbrothers post, as I go more in depth on the attractiveness of simplicity.

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Source: Magical Game Time