Majora’s Mask: Guitar Cover EP

Over the course of a few days in December, YouTuber jam2995, or Jake, uploaded a four part EP which covered the end of Majora’s Mask on guitar. Though short, all of the pieces are done very well, and it’s evident that Jake put a lot of time into the EP.

Can you guess which Majora’s Mask tunes are included in the selection? I’ll give you a hint: two are ocarina melodies. Hit the jump for a listen!

The first piece is a great cover of the third day Clock Town theme. Not only does it consist of guitar playing, but also ocarina, violin, and melodica parts, too! All well placed and well played.

The other three pieces are the Song of Time, Final Hours, and Oath to Order. All of which are as great as the first. If you got a few minutes, I highly suggest you check out the rest of the music on Jake’s channel. There are plenty of other video game music covers, too, including a few Zelda themed ones for those who are inclined.

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Source: YouTube