Majora’s Mask Charm Necklace

There are many ways in which we choose to show that we are fans of the Zelda series. We play the games, join websites, engage in friendly discussion, and we buy merchandise so that no matter where we go we can show our Zelda pride. It’s always a great feeling when someone compliments us on a piece of Zelda merchandise. It creates a mutual agreement and understanding between the two of you by knowing that you share common interests.

That feeling is even better when something is recognized to be from the series when it does not straight out say Legend of Zelda on it. Etsy user, Enrah wants to help you get this experience. For just $29.50, you can get the Majora’s Mask inventory charm necklace. It includes all 24 masks from the Deku to the Fierce Deity masks. Enrah also offers free shipping within the United States. However, if necklaces are not your thing, she offers other products in the way of Zelda jewelry including a Majora’s Mask ring and earrings shapes such as heart containers and bottles. Make the jump to see some pictures!

Do you like the necklace? I wish she would have included Majora’s Mask on it. I realize that was not a mask Link could wear, but I still think it should be included. However, I would still buy it. Would you buy it, or would you rather purchase something else she has made? Tell us what you think in the comments!

Source: Etsy