Kyle Landry Performs Ocarina of Time Medley

Professional pianist player and teacher Kyle Landry has stunned his supporters and viewers with a spectacular video showcasing his ability to play an Ocarina of Time medley to perfection. His piano playing is fast and flowing providing the listener with a beautiful Zelda-themed atmosphere to reminisce in and reflect on the different elements of Hyrule experienced in the much-loved title. Kyle performs compositions such as the ocarina warp songs, “Gerudo Valley”, “Link’s House”, “title theme”, and a few others in this amazing medley.

Interested in taking a listen to this Ocarina of Time medley? Hit the jump and be prepared for some of the most fantastic Zelda composition-playing to have ever reached your ears!

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Source: YouTube

  • Devilhunter Villaflor

    where can i get a score sheet for The Legend of Zelda: OoT MEDLEY for Solo Piano H??can anyone help me??can you send some links on where can i have one??coz i can’t find any..Pls??