“How I Met Your Princess” T-Shirt

There are countless t-shirts out there that are Zelda-related, no matter how tenuously. Sometimes it’s a simple white Hylian crest on a black cotton shirt, other times it is a high concept design featuring a crossover between the Legend of Zelda and some other form of entertainment (a peculiar Charlie Brown/Zelda one comes to mind). This new one is the latter.

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Featuring the character Barney Stinson from the sitcom How I Met Your Mother, the shirt is an unusual crossover. Seeing actor Neil Patrick Harris dressed up as Link is certainly unexpected, however this “Link” is quite a bit different. Sporting a typical Barney Stinson tie and an adapted Hylian Shield which now pays homage to the character’s favorite watering hole–MacLaren’s–instead, this is “Link” like we’ve never seen him. And if this is a depiction of a merging of the two pieces of entertainment, I suspect this “Link” spends less time saving the kingdom and more time wooing the princesses.

If you happen to be a fan of both Zelda and the How I Met Your Mother television program, you can procure one of these shirts from Redbubble, even customizing the t-shirt type and color.

Source: Redbubble