GenGAME: Wind Waker Wii U Perfect for Director’s Cut

In every video game development process, hundreds of ideas are thrown around. Many are developed further and from those a select few make it into the final game. The Wind Waker was certainly no exception; entire dungeons were removed from the game in the process.

In light of the recent announcement of The Wind Waker for Wii U, the folks at our sister site GenGAME have already gotten their thinking caps on to talk about what Nintendo could do with the re-release of this classic favorite. In one of their articles, Alex Plant talks about the potential for the game to be a complete “Director’s Cut” of the original. Jump inside to read more!

Taking note of the fact that Iwata mentioned “tuning up the game experience” in this remake of the game, Alex writes about the chance Nintendo has to fix some of the parts of the game that were less well received than the rest. He predominantly focuses on two things: the game’s sailing portions that many people found took too long, and the Triforce Shard side-quest.

Beyond that, Alex also notes the two or three dungeons dropped from the game and the possibility for Nintendo to rebuild them and add them to the re-release. His ideas strike a nice balance between keeping the game true to its origins and tweaking things where necessary. Be sure to head over to GenGAME to read the full article!

What are your thoughts about The Wind Waker‘s upcoming Wii U release? What do you think of Alex and GenGAME’s ideas for possible Director’s Cut additions to the game? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

Source: GenGAME