Dark Horse Provides Official Zelda Wallpapers

With the release of the long awaited localization of Hyrule Historia looming near, Dark Horse Comics has released a small wallpaper pack with various sizes to fit your wallpaping needs.

Unfortunately there is only one wallpaper variant, and it is the cover of Hyrule Historia. But if you’re really anxious for the book to arrive at your door, you can apply this background to your computer, tablet, or phone and experience all of Hyrule Historia’s glory vicariously through the graphic.

Hit the jump to grab the wallpaper!

Click on the image to grab a wallpaper!

Wallpaper Sizes: medium: 1024 x 768  large: 1280 x 1024  magnum: 1920 x 1200
ipad: 1024 x 1024  iphone: 320 x 480  iphone_retina: 640 x 960

I honestly don’t know whether I like the Japanese Hyrule Historia or the Dark Horse Comics localization cover better. I think the green cover adorning the localization is better, but something about the exciting news, rumors, and fan translations which spread around the Japanese cover will always stick in my mind as my favorite.

Will you be setting your wallpaper to this? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Dark Horse Comics