“I Don’t Recognize this Link guy.”

While it may not be Monday and thus not our fantastic weekly comic feature Monday Comic Corner, we do have a simple–but amusing–comic to show you. It’s not really funny, per se, but rather a comment from fans collectively on the only Zelda offering Nintendo has graced us with so far for the Wii U console. In it we see two iterations of Link: the Wind Waker version and the Ocarina of Time version playing Battle Quest, commenting on the game.

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The Japanese reads: “I don’t recognize this ‘Link’ guy.”

What do you think Kuru–the creator of this comic–is trying to convey? A lot of people seem to think that the message is that it’s strange to be playing a Link-looking character in a Zelda game but yet having him/her not be Link for once. That certainly struck me as peculiar while playing Battle Quest for the first time. I can understand why Nintendo thought it would neat to allow you to play as your Mii in a Zelda game… but personally I found it pulled me out of the experience. I just don’t understand why they couldn’t have gone the Four Swords route for the Zelda-themed “attraction” in Nintendo Land, but maybe that’s just me.

However, I think the message of the comic is slightly more deep than that. We see Wind Waker Link commenting that he doesn’t recognize Battle Quest’s iteration of Link, yet at the same time we have Ocarina of Time Link giving him a look like “Yeah, and I didn’t recognize you when you first came on the scene either!” I think the artist is trying to say “Calm down, people! Playing this sock-puppet version of Link might be odd, but Wind Waker Link was odd at the time, and even before then Ocarina of Time Link was odd to Link to the Past fans, and so on!” Or maybe he’s just saying that the sock puppet version really does look weird.

What did you think the artist is trying to convey? And did you also find it unsettling to be playing not as Link for the first time in a Zelda game?

Source: Tiny Cartridge