Zelda Swap

What do eight professional artist friends do when they want to collaborate on a series of art pieces? A Zelda drawing swap! One artist makes a draft, and another interprets the idea to bring a full piece of art to life.

Make the jump to read more about this fascinating project and to see more examples of the art pieces produced by this project of collaborations!

The idea is that each artist would draft a quick sketch or idea for an art piece and then another artist would take on the task of bringing that sketch to fruition as a fully realized piece of art. Sometimes the final result was nearly literal as in the above piece wherein the sketch is a near identical blueprint for the resulting piece of art, sometimes the final result is a bit more abstract taking only a couple basic notions from the original sketch.

Regardless of how the initial sketches were interpreted, the final pieces are all fantastic. It’s really interesting to see what a different artist will pick up from the drafts and use in the final drawing.

If you’d like to see more of these beautiful pieces and the sketches that inspired them, head over to the Zelda swap page on Ten Paces and Draw for the full collection. Ten Paces and Draw have tons of different themed swaps, too, which you can see on their swap gallery.

Source: Ten Paces and Draw