Zelda Fanart Spotlight – The Twili Tribe

Today’s Fanart Spotlight is on deviantART artist Ganondorfs-Girl‘s fanart, “The Twili Tribe“. This particular piece of fanart is the product of an art trade that took place about six months ago where the artist would put an artist’s original Twili character in this art piece in exchange for that artist drawing an artwork of one of her original characters.

It took some time to complete as one can tell from the time between when the trade was announced to the when the artwork was completed. Nonetheless the finished product is an awesome one.

(To see all of the characters in detail please click on the picture.)

I like all the colorful characters that are present. They add detail and variety to the Twili world and help give an idea as to what the other people of the Twili world might look like when compared to the ones we saw in Twilight Princess. The background is awesome too. The environment of the Twili is one that I always find to be very beautiful.

The artist has other Zelda-related fanart located in their gallery. Please go give it a look and let them know what you thought of this piece. Also please let us know in the comments below.

Stay tuned for the next Zelda Fanart Spotlight! Until then!