Zelda Fanart Spotlight: Majora’s Mask Album

Two weeks ago, we featured some art inspired by ZREO’s Twilight Symphony. Well, this week, with our recent post about Terrible Fate, a Majora’s Mask Tribute album, we have an amazing piece of artwork to share from that project that is currently featured on their Facebook page, created by Salvador Ramírez Madriz.

Although a lot of the work for Majora’s Mask we see uses very harsh colors, my favorite part about this one is just how beautiful and bright the colors are done, showing how the moon is literally lighting up the world below as it closes in on Termina. The detail, especially on Link’s tunic really takes this picture to another level. The stripe of yellow on his hat is also a wonderful touch.

I love to see two different fields of fan work combine and inspire each other, as we’ve especially seen recently with the releases of these tribute CD’s!

Make sure to check out the rest of this artist’s amazing work, as well as Terrible Fate when it is released, and leave us your thoughts below!