Zelda Fanart Spotlight- A Twilight Symphony

Welcome to another addition of Zelda Fanart Spotlight!

Yesterday, we reported on the exciting news on ZREO’s Twilight Symphony project. While we still have a bit of a wait before their project is released to the public, DeviantART member Ferisae in particular is so thankful for their hard work she created a beautiful piece of digital artwork dedicated to the project- A Twilight Symphony. Appropriately, it features one of the most iconic musical moments of Twilight Princess- Wolf Link and the Golden Wolf howling in harmony towards the moon.

The vertical layout lends itself nicely to the composition the artists has chosen. The trees look as though they are stretching out towards the sky, and even higher yet, framed by beautifully subtle clouds, as the moon shines it light down on the two figures. Under the wolves’ paws is a collection of howling stones, creating a sort of stage for the two to perform on.

Ferisae did a really beautiful job with not only rendering the characters, but the environment surrounding them, as well as creating a haunting atmosphere to her piece. She has a whole collection of Zelda art and comics, along with her own creations, so make sure to check out her DeviantART gallery!