The Wind Waker’s Elixir Soup Recipe

In the cold, wintertime of year there is nothing better than some nice, warm soup to make our insides all toasty. What makes this soup even better is that it comes from The Wind Waker. This Elixir Soup recipe comes from none other than The Geeky Chef.

This extremely useful soup, obtained from Link’s very grateful grandmother after Link heals her, refills Link’s hearts and will no doubt put a little pep in your step in real life as well. It has lots of vegetables in it so it is sure to be nutritious. Chicken broth is also mixed in there and it never fails to make a person feel better. Since all the ingredients are blended into a smooth soup mixture, it will be easy to slip it to kids who are picky about food textures.

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The instructions for how to put these ingredients together to make this marvelous soup can be found by viewing the complete recipe at The Geeky Chef.

1lb Yellow Squash, chopped

6 tbsp Butter

2 Turnips, peeled and chopped

2 Carrots, chopped

1/4 Cup Cauliflower, chopped

1 medium Yellow Onion, chopped

4 tbs. Lemon Juice

4 Cups Chicken Broth (or Veggie Broth if vegetarian)

3 Garlic Cloves, minced or chopped fine

1 Yellow Chile, chopped (optional)

Salt and Pepper to taste

Chives or Green Onions, chopped fine

Knowing that when I eat this soup, I am eating a soup that Link’s grandma gave to him makes me feel all warm and tingly inside. That may just be the hot soup, however. I am an extremely picky eater so putting these particular ingredients into a soup recipe based on food from a Zelda game is about the only way to ever get me to eat anything remotely healthy. It would seem that this is the equivalent of telling a child that they will grow up just like Popeye if they eat their spinach. Does the fact that this recipe comes from Zelda sway your taste buds at all? Have you ever tried to make your own Zelda inspired recipes? Let us know in the comments!

Source: The Geeky Chef