Terry’s Shop?

Wait, I thought it was Beedle who owned a sailing shop in Phantom Hourglass. And in the UK and North American versions of the Zelda games that feature this young merchant, his name is Beedle. However in the releases in the other parts of Europe and Japan, his name is actually Terry!

Of course, at some point this rift in names had to cause a problem. And in Phantom Hourglass just the mistake occurred! Many gamers probably wouldn’t find where this mistake is, though it stands out when you know. Hit the jump to find out where the mistake is!

The problem occurs within the UK printing of the Phantom Hourglass manual. As the Official Nintendo Magazine hypothesized, this was probably a simple error in the way the manual was distributed, and the name change in the UK was overlooked. The US manual, however, has no error in the identity of Beedle.

This is an interesting mistake, though, because the famous “Gannon” mistranslation from the original Legend of Zelda was just the opposite fault. Instead of the manual being wrong and the actual game being correct, as is the case with Phantom Hourglass, the mistranslation in The Legend of Zelda comes in the game, and the correct spelling, “Ganon”, is in the manual. It seems that even with a huge company like Nintendo, you just can’t avoided little oversights such as this.

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Source: Official Nintendo Magazine