Symphony of the Goddesses Heading to Wisconsin in 2013

As many of you know, Nintendo’s Symphony of the Goddesses has been touring all over America for well over a year now and has brought incredible music to thousands of American Zelda fans. As of yet there had been no news on the official site of whether the Symphony had any plans for 2013 as their last update only revealed dates through the end of 2012.

Recently, the site updated with a new date. It is only one location and one show, but at least it’s something! Jump in to see!

Not long ago, the Symphony of the Goddesses official site added just one new show date to their schedule: Milwaukee, Wisconsin on January 26th of 2013. For anyone living in Wisconsin who couldn’t make the trip to Chicago for that show, this should be good news!

Personally, I’m curious as to why they only added one new date. Sure, it is the first 2013 date confirmed by the official site, but I wonder why they did not announce more alongside it. After all, we already received word of two shows in Australia so why not add those to the official list? We are also still waiting for shows to be announced in other countries outside North America, so I hope they give some love to them soon.

What are your thoughts? Do you live in Wisconsin? Have you been to the Symphony yet? Are you living in one of the many countries that are still waiting for it? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Zelda Symphony