Smashing Pots: Behind the Scenes

A few days ago we showed you freddiew and Lindsey Stirling’s “Smashing Pots” from YouTube, and like almost all freddiew videos, we get to take a short look behind the scenes.

It’s mostly just a few minutes of goofing around, but it’s still nice to see what’s happening outside the view of the camera.

Hit the jump to see the video!

The one thing I’m surprised about is that Freddie claims that none of us would recognize that this video was based on the Guardhouse of Castle Town in Ocarina of Time, but I think Brandon had it right, most of us were immediately brought back to that room in the Nintendo 64 title- smashing pots and collecting rupees.

The only thing I’m left wondering about is why Lindsey Stirling likes to wear the blue tunic, but I suppose it will remain a mystery for another day.

Hopefully after the positive response to this video, we’ll see Freddie, Brandon, and their team make more Zelda related videos. I would certainly look forward to seeing another exploration of a niche subject within the Zelda world.

Source: YouTube