Marriage Proposal at Symphony of the Goddesses

We’ve heard some pretty interesting romantic stories here at Zelda Dungeon–for better or for worse–but this one might just take the cake.

Hit the jump to get the scoop on what Destructoid associate editor Tony Ponce witnessed at a performance of Symphony of the Goddesses.

Ponce relates the following story:

“Even though I already attended The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddess in Los Angeles during E3 week, when I learned that the show would be performing in my home town of West Palm Beach, I knew I had to see it one more time. And my friends, I am so glad I did.

Though the Kravis Center is not as large a venue as the Greek Theater, this show was not without its share of surprises. The biggest one? Just before intermission, concert producer Jeron Moore took to the stage and asked that the spotlight be directed towards a young couple in the middle of the room. This guy gets down on one knee and proposes to his girlfriend, and the entire audience erupts in joyous celebration. My heart melted right then and there.

If only the orchestra had played the “Item Get” fanfare when he slipped the ring on her finger, though I’m afraid that would have been too much for anyone to bear.”

I have to agree with Ponce on that. As fun as it is, playing a jingle is just a little too cheesy for such a momentous occasion. Plus, it’s kinda not at all romantic, and would imply that the guy’s girlfriend is an item to be obtained. But that’s just me.

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Source: Destructoid