Read Only Memory’s “Link’s Triumph”

As the beginning of the second season of Read Only Memory by Shamoozal, “Link’s Triumph” is a delightful reimagining of the battle(s) with Aquamentus in the original Legend of Zelda. Though the actual boss in the game is relatively simple, this video cartoon shows what is certainly a more in-depth exchange between Link and the dragon.

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What used to be a routine fight in the game now becomes an exciting battle between a courageous and creative hero and a fierce, giant dragon. The in-game sprite wasn’t particularly terrifying, but in the video, compared to Link, Aquamentus looks a few notches more dangerous.

I find it amazing the amount of videos and artwork that the Zelda series has inspired. Thought the original title was released over 25 years ago, people are still creating videos like this directly based on the game. Perhaps it’s partly an attempt to give Link more of a personality that many fans are asking to be implemented into gameplay.

Overall, great short by Shamoozal and GoNintendo. Even a minute-long piece like this can say a lot about what the Legend of Zelda really means to players and the community.

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Source: YouTube