Random Encounters – Ganon Claus

From the people who brought you The Legend of Ganondorf: A Zelda Song, a new Christmas-y Ganondorf song arises! Of course to the Zelda world, Ganondorf is equivalent to Kris Kringle, and I think this video shows Ganon Claus’ holiday spirit perfectly. (And in song form!) Accompanied by drawings, Ganon Claus sings his own Christmas wishes.

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I rather liked the brentalfloss reference. Now that I think of it, brentalfloss does have a pretty close resemblance to Guru Guru (the Windmill Hut guy). Oh, and the banter between the two characters was pretty funny, too. I don’t know if this tops The Legend of Ganondorf video, but it’s definitely a great holiday video.

Also, thumbs up to Devon Chenoweth who did the illustrations for the video. Though the video stands well alone, the silly drawings over the top really raise the hilarity. If you’re curious about his artwork, Devon’s deviantART page can be found here.

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Source: YouTube