Only 72 Hours Remain

With all the talk about Mayan apocalypse and the end of the world media that is becoming more and more popular the closer we reach the 21st of December, many Zelda fans are reminded of the situation within Majora’s Mask. Now that we are within the final three days before the apparent end of the world, an interesting site titled Terrible Fate has recently appeared showing us that many more Zelda fans have remembered.

Jump inside to hear a little more about it out for yourself.

Right now the site includes little more than a detailed image of Majora’s Mask and a timer at the bottom counting down to December 21, 2012. While it counts down the viewer is subject to eerie music and many various sound effects such as the laughter of the skull kid from the game.

This was just was I was waiting for. I had been looking around to see if anyone was going to be commemorating the final three days among Zelda fans and it looks like I found it. What will happen once the site reaches zero hour is anyone’s guess at this point.