Ocarina of Time’s Secret Pot

As Zelda fans, we are built to uncover every secret that the games hold for us. We check every nook and cranny, we explore every corner of the world, and we break all the pots and open all the chests in hopes of discovering something that is not immediately obvious to the player. But, no matter how good you are at uncovering those secrets, there is a chance that you missed something.

The video game facts website Did You Know Gaming recently posted a new one about a secret pot in Ocarina of Time. While some of you may know where it is, there are probably plenty of you who do not. Make the jump to discover the pot.

I never knew a second pot existed inside of that house, but I rarely go into the houses when I play Ocarina of Time anymore. Even if I did, I doubt I would have noticed part of Link disappearing behind an invisible pot.

Have any of you ever noticed or suspected a second pot being there? If not, will you go try and discover it now? Let us know in the comments!

Did You Know Gaming