Monday Comic Corner – Thanks, Mom!

For our very second Monday Comic Corner, we have a comic that perhaps all of us can relate to. Each of us has a Zelda game that was a very special first: the game introduced us to the series. Maybe for you older gamers, that magical moment as a child was when The Legend of Zelda was new and unique. It came on a gold cartridge in a gold box. (Bastian most likely has similar sentiments!) For a lot of kids, we shared these early memories with our moms and the amount of exhilaration built-up inside of us was too great to possibly express.

This brings us to our comic; hit the jump to read!

I think the comic speaks for itself. The innocent look of young Zac and the loving expressions of his mom are drawn just like I imagine my own memories. Thanks Mom, Dad, or whoever bought your first Zelda game for you. Never did we expect the vast amount of enjoyment this stupendous series would bring.

I don’t know whether my parents will ever understand why or how The Legend of Zelda is of my favorite things, but I hope they know how much I appreciate them for all of the trips to the store to buy the latest title.

This comic, of course, comes from Magical Game Time by Zac Gorman. As the title would suggest, Magical Game Time are comics about video games of all sorts. I highly suggest you check out Magical Game Time for more comics by him!

If you have similar stories to the one described in the comic, let us know in the comments!