Make Your Own Zelda Game With Zelda Classic 2.50

If there’s one primary problem with being a passionate Zelda fan, it’s the lack of actual content available for us to play. This is not at all Nintendo’s fault–they’re releasing Zelda titles at a steady rate, and, as far as I’m concerned, each and every one has been fantastic. No, it’s our own fault. We consume those Hyrule-saving, evil-vanquishing adventures at a ridiculous rate. Now this problem is no more. With Zelda Classic 2.5’s eventual release after nearly eight years in the making, it’s never been easier to both create your own versions of Link’s adventures and enjoy those created by others. Hit the jump to find out how!

Zelda Classic itself has been around for a long while. With its first build released way back in 1999, it predates even Majora’s Mask, which itself seems an age old now. Work first started on version 2.5 in 2005. With Zelda Classic, fans can create their own Zelda adventures based on the aesthetic style of series’ initial installment, The Legend of Zelda.

Wholly dependent on the skill of the person behind the monitor, of course, Zelda Classic provides a backbone for some amazingly creative and complex fan-made Zelda games. Everything can be customised–dungeons, enemies, maps, even music and visuals–without even the slightest knowledge of computer programming.

I’m sure that there’s plenty of creative types amongst Zelda Dungeon’s readers who can’t wait to click on the link below and get to making their own adventures. For me, however, the main drawcard of Zelda Classic is the ability to download and play all the amazing games created by people better than me.

There are already some brilliant games available that have been created on earlier versions of Zelda Classic, but with the addition of Mac and Linux support, a new graphical user interface, a new quest editor, and item and enemy editors, ZC 2.5 adds a huge amount of functionality to an already feature-packed program. And it’s free!

If you’re interested (which you really should be), the official release of Zelda Classic 2.50 can be downloaded here, and Zelda Classic-made quests are available from here and here. Still not sure? Check out the trailer below for The Legend of Zelda: Lost Lineage, an adventure wholly created within Zelda Classic by Teamudf.

Source: Armageddon Games forums