Lindsey Stirling – Pot Smasher

Hopefully all of you know who Lindsey Stirling is because of our last post on her, but today we have a special occasion where she isn’t performing with a violin, and is instead wielding the Master Sword. In a video “Pot Smasher” created by freddiew, Lindsey Stirling once again adorns the blue tunic and brings to life an element of the Zelda series that has been in almost every game- smashing pots. Hit the jump to see the video!

Everyone familiar with Ocarina of Time should immediately recognize that this room was inspired by the guardhouse right next to the drawbridge in Castle Town. A singular guard stands emotionless as Link adventures into clay-container heaven. In the video, rather, Link shows great excitement at the idea of breaking all of the pots, and the guard performs his duty much more terrified than in the game.

And like every freddiew video, the visual effects are profound. Lindsey Stirling’s acting, the guard’s reactions, and the post processing all make for a fantastic video.

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Source: YouTube