GenGAME: Wii U Owners Deserve a Zelda HD Collection

A recent article on sister site, GenGAME, briefly examines an opinion I’m sure many of us hold: Nintendo should release a collection of HD Zelda remakes for the Wii U. With projects like Operation Moonfall showing outright the fans’ support of remakes of popular Zelda games, an HD Zelda collection would probably be welcome within the gaming community.

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The article on GenGAME starts off by saying that the Zelda series should get the same treatment the Super Mario Bros. and Kirby series got for their anniversaries: a compilation game with the best Zelda titles from the last 26 years. Though we have Ocarina of Time 3D, the GenGAME article calls for a bit more.

First of all, the idea of the collection is for two main purposes. Bring classic titles to HD standards, and give gamers an opportunity to play older games they might have missed out on. The Wind Waker, for example, is the only Zelda game that’s not playable on the latest consoles. And I think examples of a community produced HD The Wind Waker speaks for itself in terms of whether or not Zelda games look better in HD.

Additionally, because a Wii U Zelda title probably won’t be released for a few years, a collection would hold us over and would provide the foundation for future Wii U Zelda games. This could be a place for small experiments, such as implementing motion controls as in Ocarina of Time 3D.

I’m not sure I agree with everything the GenGAME article says, and though I like HD remakes, I don’t think the old titles show their age as much as people claim. A Link to the Past, for example, is still adorns the colorful, sharp graphics the Super Nintendo is famous for. However, seeing some Zelda games’ graphics “re-imagined” a little bit would be very interesting. But I suggest you read the original article on GenGAME before forming your own opinion!

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